A bike company has finally made an ad that competes with the auto industry

What really caught my eye was how the Stromer director (Oden) persuasive visuals was spot on to a car commercial running today: the Matthew McConaughey/Lincoln MKC spots (directed by non other than Portland resident Gus Van Sant). It reminded me of the legendary Miller beer ad by Errol Morris (that I also called the “best commercial ever made” when it debuted in 2007).

Jonathan Maus


Follow the amazing journey of an amateur soccer star rising to the ranks of professional at the Nike academy.  

In 2015 Oden was asked to direct a first of its kind mobile series for Snapchat and Tastemade in 9x16 mobile aspect. See the extended 16x9 broadcast version here.


For over a 100 years 4H has brought children together after school. This commercial is the first broadcast spot to ever be directed for this age old brand. 


Official Commercial for the 2016 MLB Playoffs and World Series.