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Oden Few Roberts an NYU film school grad student, 4th generation Los Angeleno, his first short film “The One” screened at Cannes New Filmmakers Series earning him a Lion. This launched his career as writer/director after which his screenplay “A Fighting Season” was presented by the San Francisco Film Society (Beasts of the Souther Wild, Fruitvale Station) screening around the world in 87 countries, 10 streaming platforms, earning dozens of awards, and earning multiple festivals laurels. 

Turning his attention to social activism Roberts’ helmed his next project “Grindadrap”, in which he documented whale hunters in the Faroe Islands and Sea Shepherd’s vital role in protecting animal extinction. The film was featured at SXSW and was featured in the Huffington Post. 

Roberts’ TV Commercials have been broadcast nationally & internationally for clients Falken Tires, Dominos, Instagram, Nike, and many others.